Digital Art In This Age With Dimitri Zafirov

  • 24 October 2019
  • admin

Art and its impact

Art is a form of communication. Every particular artwork is either an expression of one’s emotion or a means to convey a specific message. Whatever the purpose, art work will always send messages to its viewers.

For many artists, this is where they can find freedom and joy. Art is where they can be true to themselves and to others. It is their most honest point. Many artists believe that you cannot form a masterpiece without being honest to yourself. Although that particular art is just a fantasy or a product of imagination, truthfulness is the key.

The art and the digital world

Today the modern technologies and new inventions of software and application have aided the art world. Even those who have no experience in the art can start making their sketch on their computers and gadgets. They can draw out different tools and palates of colors to perform their most precious masterpiece. Dimitri Zafirov talks more about this in one of his lectures about digital art. Find more interesting information about Athanasse Zafirov (athanassezafirov) on Pinterest here.

Digital art is designed to provide the quickest way to form an original artwork. Unlike the traditional way, they don’t have to spend long hours of painstakingly sketching and paint their work on the canvas. Digital technology provides the best way to do this fast and easy with the use of digital tools and applications.

Why people need quick original artwork

Today, businesses and companies wanted to have their unique appeal to the masses. The best way is by creating their company logo, original portraits, graffiti, and other artworks. Digital art technology has helped these businesses and other artists who are into an online art business. They can create and provide designs and artworks faster than painting or sketching it by hand. Of course, still, nothing can match the effect and texture of handcrafted artwork.